In the last decade the cinema exhibition industry in Slovenia has gone through a complete metamorphosis and Kolosej has played a key role with an active approach to their development. Since 2001, when the first Kolosej opened, several other multiplexes opened in Slovenia, covering most regions in the country. Businesses that have traditionally dealt with cinema exhibition and the activities directly connected to it, like bars and restaurants, have now widened the range of their services and have become true entertainment centers.

Nonetheless, cinema exhibition is still one of the basic activities of Kolosej, since the sale of tickets represents a substantial part of its income. In 2001 Kolosej had a 55% market share (the number of visitors to the cinemas) and in the years 2005 and 2006 this share has leveled off at approximately 72%.


Kolosej was the first to open a multiplex in the country and so set a standard in the area of cinema exhibition - even becoming a generic name for going to the movies in Slovenia. With the high standards of quality, constant improvements and the constant introduction of new services, going to the movies has become an exceptional experience.

Visiting a movie theater is now much more than just watching a movie, it is an adventure that begins long before the lights go down and ends long after they come up again. Seeing a movie is just part of the experience: the additional activities represent a well of fun and relaxation of its own.

By opening a center in Maribor, Kolosej has expanded its attractions to include bowling and billiards. This new direction was strengthened by the expansion of the Ljubljana Kolosej multiplex to the Arena center where a prestigious tournament was held in November 2005: the 41st QubicaAMF bowling world cup.

Keeping visitors up-to-date is a top priority. Kolosej's user-friendly webpage www.kolosej.si is constantly updated and is distinguished by excellent design and information structure. The webpage was twice nominated in the selection of the best Slovene internet sites by the Chamber of Commerce and in 2004 the site was awarded a silver "netko" award.


Kolosej is heir to a long history of cinema in Ljubljana. It was founded as an affiliate of the Ljubljanski kinematografi (Ljubljana Cinematographic Company) - a company that dates back to 1947. The company had three theaters: Matica on Kongresni trg, Sloga in Kolodvorska Street and Tivoli. In 1953 a number of new theaters were included in their network: Union, Vič, Šiška, Mojca, Triglav, Mini Union, Kompas... From 1997, when the company became a joint-stock company and got a new owner until the opening of Kolosej in Ljubljana in 2001, the Ljubljanski kinematografi managed 11 movie theaters in Ljubljana and its surroundings. From 2001 onwards the denationalization process caused the closing of several theaters in town so that today only two are still in operation: Komuna and Kinoklub Vič.

The greatest turning point for the company was the opening of the first multiplex in Slovenia. Kolosej, a multiplex with 12 screens and 3312 seats, opened on May 17, 2001 in the BTC in Ljubljana. It has radically changed the way movies are exhibited and, as a consequence, the habits of moviegoers. After the opening of Kolosej, the Ljubljanski kinematografi took over one of the two basic tasks of the company - distribution of films and Kolosej became primarily an exhibition company. The network of multiplexes started to expand in February 2003 with a smaller center in Koper (three theaters, 356 seats) and less than one year later a center in Celje (five theaters, 1245 seats). In June 2004 a Kolosej opened by the Drava River (ten theaters, 2068 seats). The center in Kranj was acquired in 2006 and renovated in 2008.


Ever since its beginning, Kolosej has been developing a wide range of services that allow visitors to spend quality time in the multiplex: watching films, spending time with friends, bowling or playing billiards as well as various arcade games, shopping, relaxation and even trying his luck at the Casino Rio.

All the services offered in Kolosej are of the highest standard. Technological improvements are constantly implemented and the newest trends are introduced, like the opening of the first digital 3D theaters with special effects in Ljubljana and Maribor.

Kolosej offers an elegant way of buying movie tickets through the internet or mobile phones. The Joker loyalty program is a product of the development of Kolosej. In 2002, Kolosej became one of the first companies in the world to introduce a system that enables mobile phone users to buy tickets via an automated voice recognition system.

Recent Developments

Kolosej has been dedicated to constant development from the beginning: every service can be improved and every service can be expanded with new products. Development also means constant widening of the Kolosej network: in 2005 a new entertainment center was opened opposite Kolosej in Ljubljana, named Arena, the first of its kind in Slovenia. The center is designed as an open space where the visitor can move freely and choose from a variety of activities. Beside restaurants it offers bowling, billiards, video arcades, laser games and a sun studio. In 2007 the state-of-the-art casino, Casino Rio, opened. In XPAND, which is also part of the Maribor Kolosej, the 3D version of the Disney's blockbuster Meet the Robinsons in digital format was released in March 2007 and thus Slovenia became one of the elite company of European countries that Disney allowed to show the film in its 3D version.

2007 also saw the start of Kolosej's international expansion with the opening of an entertainment center in Belgrade. Kolosej is planning to open even larger entertainment centers in Bucharest.


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